Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loan Applicant Receives Rejection Letter Calling Her 'One Crazy Ass Bitch'

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund needs some serious customer service video training !


When the owner of a Seattle beauty salon had her application for a loan from the Rainier Valley Community Development Fund denied last year, that was bad enough. When she later received what appeared to be a second rejection letter for the same loan application, she discovered that the reason for her inability to get the loan was that she is a "crazy ass bitch."

The full letter is below, but here are some highlights:

I want to tell you that you are one crazy ass bitch. It was a complete waste of time for you to come before the board though it did provide us some comic relief....

We are very interested in how our programs are working to help Rainier Valley businesses who actually operate a business and not a hobby. The CDF strives to deliver a professional service to our customers which by the looks of your establishment, you wouldn't know anything about. Your comments will help us to improve upon our program operations where we will better screen out broke ass crazies.

The letter was signed by the president of the RVCDF's board, but as it turns out, not only didn't he write it -- the letter was actually intended as an inner-office gag that wasn't ever supposed to be seen by the applicant.

The letter was the product of the fund's Executive Director, who was subsequently suspended for one week without pay. She also penned a follow-up letter to the applicant in which she apologized for her actions, but stopped short of calling herself a crazy ass bitch:

I wrote the piece in a heightened state of anxiety. Please know that it was never intended to be distributed and was written for my own personal release.

Here are the two letters in full. First, the rejection letter and then the apology:

Loan Rejection Letter Calls Woman 'Crazy-A** B**ch' [KIROtv.com via TheGloss.com]

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Customer Service Video

The key to business success is customer loyalty and retention.  I thought the customer service video below showed a great technique on how to handle customers over the phone.  So many small businesses just miss the boat when it comes to business profit.  They real profit comes from retaining customers and having them buy over and over again.  Why?  Well, think about it, your small business does not have to spend on marketing and new customer acquisition costs.  I see so many small businesses always chasing the next customer.  They don't realize they are already have a gold mine in their own customer base. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Advice for Small Business Owners: Customer Service is NOT a Choice

In today's economy, customer service is the only competitive advantage small business owners have.  Taking the time to watch a customer service video to learn effective customer service techniques may save you years of sorrow.